Rj45 Jacks With Magnetics

RF & Connectivity

Passive components for wired or wireless broadband, short and long range, or satellite data links.

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Antennas V2


WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE, LPWA/LoRa/Sigfox, LTE/5G, GPS/GNSS and more.



RFID tags and antennas in UHF range with long read range, extended temperature, and high durability.

Nfc 2

Near Field Communications (NFC)

Wireless communications protocol supported by many mobile devices reliant on proximity

Rj45 Jacks With Magnetics

RJ45 Jacks with Magnetics

Single port, multi-port and USB combo with support for rates up to 10GBase-T, up to PoE++

Rj45 Jacks Without Magnetics

RJ45 Jacks without Magnetics

External LAN transformers in shielded and unshielded form factors for a variety of cable entry configurations including 45degrees.

Lan Transformers

LAN Transformers

Compatible with Ethernet PHY chipsets supporting VOIP, PoE, PoE+ and PoE++ and 10/100Base-T, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T

Rf Inductors

RF Inductors

RF thin film and air coil inductors designed for discreet filter and VCO applications offer high Q and small form factor down to 0201 footpr...

Transformer Choke

RF Transformers, Baluns and Common Mode Chokes

Wide band baluns and common mode chokes for high speed wired connectivity, video and RF impedance matching networks.

Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth Modules

Highly integrated modules with configurable GPIO, data converter and alarms support with a variety of versions up to v4.1 with low energy. F...

Saw Filters


Compact dielectric balun, bandpass and lowpass filters, ceramic filters. 14.5GHz and 12.8GHz

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