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Abracon Launches Brand-New Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ Online Tool

Abracon has constructed a new Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ to help designers and engineers understand the true performance of Abracon inductors while researching and sourcing parts for their designs. When it comes to inductors, two important specifications to keep in mind are Isat and Irms. With this new tool, engineering and procurement professionals will be able to effectively depict the behavior of these two phenomena and understand how to best integrate these inductors into their designs.
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Abracon’s latest acquisition, NEL Frequency Controls, Announces Modernized Brand Revitalization

The refreshed branding for NEL, which includes a new, modernized logo and color scheme, reflects the evolution and growth the company has experienced since its inception, while also maintaining the important brand elements that make NEL one of the most recognizable manufacturers of frequency control solutions globally, including their extremely popular ultra-low phase noise OCXOs in 5 Volt, small form factor packages.
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Abracon Releases Updated Interactive Timing Catalog

Abracon announces the release of their 2023 interactive timing catalog, featuring over 200 series and 20+ newly added parts.
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Abracon Announces Acquisition of NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.

Abracon announces the acquisition of NEL Frequency Controls, Inc., a US-based manufacturer of ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators and modules headquartered in Burlington, Wisconsin.
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Abracon Doubles Quantity of Inductor Products On Website

Abracon has recently expanded its product offering of Inductors to more than 7,000 options now available on the Abracon website, doubling its previous product count found online.
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Why Abracon Transportation and Navigation Antennas

Automotive-grade antennas have become indispensable components in transportation, navigation, and surveillance applications. With IATF 16949 certification, IP67 rating, and versatile designs, Abracon's antennas are built to withstand rugged environments while delivering reliable connectivity.
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