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Abracon is a leading supplier of crystals, oscillators, antennas, and inductors to support your next consumer application with industry-leading patented designs and optimization service solutions. Abracon has components that are highly optimized for a variety of products in the consumer market, and which cover a wide range of application areas with many of these seeing high growth and continual demand for new features and product enhancements.

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Smart Home

Abracon has crystals to provide the reference frequency for chipsets used for the wireless protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave or WiFi or other wireless protocols. The monitors, cameras, or sensors are often wirelessly connected to a display unit wireless (via ZigBee, Z-Wave or WiFi) or a Smart Device such as a Smart Phone (usually using WiFi) for monitoring or control. A Smart Home will monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It might also include Home Security such as cameras or access control systems.


Gaming products include standard consoles, handheld consoles, PC and accessories, gaming controllers, VR/AR headsets, cameras, smart wearables for motion detection, wireless keyboard, and mouse. Gaming consoles demand high processing speeds and low latency performance. Our ClearClock® Oscillators are ideal to meet these demanding requirements with ultra-low Phase Jitter performance of typically 80fs in other cases a TCXO or OCXO might be the more suitable solution for specific PCB designs.

Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Smart wearable fitness tracker displaying the time and number of steps.


A smart wearable, classified under the Internet of Things (IoT), is a body-worn smart device that commonly monitors an individual’s health and wellness, motion and fitness, and location. Some common examples of smart wearables include watches, wristbands, rings, eyeglasses, earbuds, shoes, clothing, and adhesive medical patches. Abracon's Crystal Oscillator Solutions, like the miniature ASAKMP and new Continuous Volt SPXO Series, are designed for simplicity and very low power or battery-operated applications; making these products ideal solutions for the wearable markets.

VR/AR Headsets/Glasses

With the next generation of gaming comes the further adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Meta is currently leading the way with “metaverse,” the vision of meeting and gaming remotely in a more interactive world. At Abracon, our ABM13W IoT Optimized Ultra-Miniature Quartz Crystal is an ideal solution for virtual reality electronics with an ultra-miniature size of 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.33mm, ultra-low load capacitance of 5pF, and low ESR of typically 25 Ohms (at 38.4MHz) absolutely minimizes the current consumption.

VR headset with gaming console and controller.
Cell phone.


Mobile phones are advanced high-performance microprocessors with many integrated features such as a camera, internet access, GPS navigation, and audio streaming via Bluetooth connection to name a few. Mobile accessories include wireless chargers, power banks, and Bluetooth trackers. The latest mobile phones include AI-enabled chipsets to make sense of various inputs such as a camera for Face Recognition, Near-Field Communication (NFC), 4G LTE, 5G for high-speed data access via the cellular network, and high processing power. Abracon’s ultra-miniature crystals are ideal for the timing reference, and with an external thermistor located close to the crystal, active temperature compensation can be achieved to improve the accuracy of the reference frequency across a wide temperature range.

Video and Audio

Consumer video and audio products include Smart TV, HD streaming device, projectors, wireless/smart speakers, wireless earphones (airbuds), hearing aids, and sound systems. Abracon provides crystals, oscillators, antenna, and Ethernet connectors which are suitable for this application. For Audio, Bluetooth is the most widely used protocol for wireless audio devices. Applications include hands-free calling, wireless speakers, headphones, and earphones. The features of the new Bluetooth LE Audio supports multi-source, lower power, and higher quality supporting millions of people globally enhancing their quality of life.

Row of hearing aids.
Microprocessor chip.

Abracon Consumer Products

Frequency Control and Timing Devices

Abracon’s series of quartz crystals offer low ESR specifications in combination with low CL options to address energy-saving MCU & portable communication chipset market trends. In the race to decrease power consumption, many on-chip oscillators are starved of output drive and often cannot sustain oscillation using standard quartz crystals with higher ESR & CL specifications. Abracon’s W Series of quartz crystals engineered for micropower applications overcome these challenges.

RF and Antennas

Abracon’s new Antennas for Consumer Electronics collection offers compact chip, patch, flexible PCB and external whip solutions designed to reliably meet the high-performance connectivity requirements of the most popular wireless communication protocols in IoT devices. The available options are ideal for cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth/BLE applications.

Inductors and Connectivity

Abracon’s ASPI High Power Density Commercial Inductor series are ideal solutions for low profile applications with high current and transient loads requiring EMI shielding. Each series features a metal alloy core to enable higher inductance capabilities and a molded construction to prevent interference and disruption to neighboring circuitry. The selection includes shielded flat wire and round wire devices designed to meet high saturation current and low DCR requirements in package sizes ranging from 5.7 x 6.0 mm to 11.9 x 11 mm.

Smart home with connecting networking infrastructure.

Consumer Market Trends

Consumer Application Consumer Market Trends
Smart Home Devices The concept of smart buildings and homes is based on the use of interconnected technologies to make them more responsive, sustainable, and productive for their users. Smart infrastructure contributes to energy efficiency and automated detection of anomalies in the infrastructure, predicts maintenance based on conditions, and provides greater comfort and wellness for occupants. The long-range, low power ability for Abracon’s LPWA antennas to penetrate dense building materials, high gain, and durability make it the preferred technology for IoT-connected smart buildings and homes. These antennas deliver efficient, flexible, and cost-effective connectivity with ideal radiation performance for IoT applications.
Fitness Tracking Not many people would have believed 15 years ago that a watch can not only tell time but also read text messages, monitor health, and track weather. But that is now a reality. The demand for technology to become faster and smaller at the same time is fueling the rise of consumer electronics such as fitness trackers, smart speakers, phones and AR/VR headsets. Nowadays, there is a large range of portable and connected devices, and they all have different sizes and requirements. The most important consideration: They are located everywhere, and the common feature tying these emerging IoT designs is their need to communicate and transfer data effectively and efficiently through advanced antenna networking systems.
Cellular Wi-Fi’s expansion in range, data rate and market penetration has been impressive. It is the go-to option for wireless local area network (LAN) applications. Thus, Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous in connected devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, set-top boxes and routers. With the advent of the IoT, Wi-Fi has become the broadband wireless system of choice: Many video, surveillance, TV, phone/conference and AR/VR technologies have adopted this protocol thanks to the high data rate capability and useful range. 4G and LTE protocols remain the most popular for smart phones and other IoT devices that need bandwidth. Security systems, automobiles, surveillance and data networks can count on the reliability and availability provided by the licensed spectrum. However, cellular solutions, like 4G, tend to require high power usage since large amounts of data are transmitting over long distances.
Wearables and Hearables The trend is for more features such as cellular eliminating the need to connect to your Smart Phone to make calls and more health monitoring metrics such as heartbeat analysis such as ECG made possible with AI enabled processors and sleep quality monitoring.
Gaming and Home Computing With the processing power of our home PCs and gaming consoles increasing which each new release, particularly new chipset/processor release from the likes of Intel and AMD, a stable timing reference is needed to ensure reliable performance. We expect the adoption of the latest WiFi, WiFi 6E to become more widely used in WiFi adaptors and home WiFi routers.
VR/AR Headsets and Smart Glasses We can fully expect many more use-cases to be realized as the VR/AR headsets become smaller and a more normal part of our everyday eyewear such as glasses. Examples could be remote learning, tools for engineering, manufacturing, and repair technicians. For VR/AR headsets to truly become a widespread everyday item, the design goal is for the device to be easy-to-wear. This presents the challenge of ultra-small electronics built into the frame of the Smart Glasses. This also means lower power as the battery is large enough to give a certain battery life typically at least 24 hours.
Video and Audio The Bluetooth LE Audio version has a better data compression codec called “LC3.” This gives product developers more flexibility in their design. For example, a much better audio quality for the same data rate when compared to standard classic Bluetooth, or to keep the audio quality the same but at a much lower bitrate vastly extending the battery life of their device by around a factor of two. The third option might be for a smaller form-factor product made possible using a smaller battery, which might be the design goal for a hidden hearing aid for example. Bluetooth LE Audio introduces support for multi-source scenarios for example headphones taking audio from your phone and PC at the same time, or communication to the left and right earphones simultaneously with synchronization at around 10µs. The third case is audio streaming to multiple audio devices. Bluetooth LE Audio is a game-changer as it supports Audio Broadcasting.

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