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Power & Magnetics

Featuring AEC-Q200 power inductors for high-power applications as well as Ethernet solutions that are IEEE 802.3 compliant and UL certified.

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Power & Magnetics

Abracon offers magnetic components for a wide range of applications, with a focus on innovation. Our inductors are available in many form factors, including molded, chip, wire-wound, toroidal, drum and axial in shielded or unshielded, through-hole or SMD, and standard or automotive grade options.

Our Ethernet connectivity solutions are ideal for applications requiring high-speed, low latency data transfer, and PoE via a wired connection. Our components are IEEE 802.3 compliant and UL certified.

Inductors Category 1 Inductors

High Reliability Inductors for Power and RF applications.

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Supercapacitors Category Supercapacitors

Utilized for high power, fast charging and long lasting energy storage applications.

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Common mode chokes Common Mode Chokes

Electrical filters used to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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Ferrite Beads And Chips Category 1 Ferrite Beads

Passive filter devices used to filter out high frequency switching noise/signals.

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RJ45 Category 1 RJ45 Connectors

Single, multi-port and USB combo RJ45 jacks with or without integrated magnetics.

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LAN Transformers Category 1 LAN Transformers

Compatible with a wide set of Ethernet PHY chipsets supporting VOIP, PoE, PoE+ and PoE++.

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New Products

ACMPQ1260 Product Circle
Commercial Common Mode Chokes

Excellent EMI Suppression

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Ferrite Beads Product Circle
High Current Ferrite Beads

Automotive-grade Ferrite Beads for High Power Applications

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Tiny But Might Landing Page Part Circle2
Tiny But Mighty 2.0

Next Gen Consumer Focused Products

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High Power Density Transportation Inductors

AEC-Q200 Qualified Molded Flat Wire SMD Power Inductors

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AMSLA Family
AMSLA High Power Density Stacked Inductors

Molded Stacked Inductor Solutions for Consumer Electronics, Industrial and IIoT

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High Density Commercial Inductor Page
High Power Density Commercial Inductors

Molded SMD Solutions for Consumer, Telecom, and IIoT Devices

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Website Landing Pages Product Circle AMXLA
AMXLA-Q Series

Extended Temperature Molded Inductors

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