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Today’s electronic designs include some form of timing device. Depending on the frequency accuracy requirements, some employ oscillators while others use off-the-shelf crystals in conjunction with the built-in oscillator circuit embedded in most microcontrollers and microprocessors. Due to their simple configuration and design, most embedded solutions use the Pierce Oscillator configuration integrated as part of the system on chip (SOC). The advantages of this solution include cost, size, and power compared to a stand-alone oscillator, while the key limitation is the proper matching of the quartz crystal with the on-board oscillator and feedback components.

The Pierce Analyzer System (PAS) advanced board characterization service provides design engineers support in optimizing their circuit performance by properly determining the oscillator loop dynamics. Abracon’s Engineering Team developed a proprietary system that is designed to analyze both the stand-alone crystal and the performance of the crystal in the customer’s circuit.

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