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Abracon's UWB chip antennas are compact and high-frequency antennas that transmit and receive signals across a wide spectrum. These products deliver fast data transmission with minimal power consumption. Versatile and efficient, these antennas support applications like IoT devices, wearables, and asset-tracking systems. Their high-gain capabilities provide efficient and reliable connectivity across a multitude of devices. These UWB antennas still maintain a miniature design, making them ideal for easy integration into space-constrained projects. Playing an important role in wireless communication as it enables real-time data transfer, precise localization, and seamless interaction between various devices, Abracon can support your design with multiple distribution partners globally.


  • High-Performance Design: Engineered for excellent performance within its efficiency and gain.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covering multiple frequency bands and standards to support a wide range of project designs.
  • Compact and Versatile: These antennas are designed with compact, low-profile dimensions, making them perfect for integration into various devices without taking up valuable space.
  • Easy Integration: Developed as a Surface Mount Device (SMD) to allow for easy integration onto the PCB.
  • Minimum Power Consumption: Designed to support battery operated applications where power is crucial.


SMD Chip Antenna

Frequency: 3100~10300 MHz

8.0 x 6.0mm

10.0 × 6.0mm

RoHS 2.0 Compliant

Peak Gain 2.2 dB

Return Loss in BW 8.5 dB min


Industrial Automation

Smart Homes




Part Numbers Frequency Peak Gain Mounting Size Key Features
ACS0301U 6 - 8.2 GHz 2.2 dB SMD 3.2 x 1.6 x 1.1mm Supports 6 to 8.2 GHz (UWB Channels 5 ~ 9)
Compact & Low-Profile
VSWR: 2.0
Peak Gain: 2.2 dBi
Surface Mount (SMD)
High efficiency across UWB bands
ACS1006U 3.1 - 10.3 GHz 2.2 dB SMD 10 x 6 x 1.2mm Compact & Low-Profile
VSWR: 2.0
Peak Gain: 2.2 dBi
Efficiency: up to 70%
Surface Mount (SMD)
High efficiency across UWB bands

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