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Abracon’s 5G Dome and Whip Antennas are connectivity solutions designed to provide seamless high-speed internet access across a broad frequency range from 617 MHz to 6000 MHz. These antennas are characterized by their high gain, ensuring strong signals even in challenging environments, and high efficiency, which means you can rely on a consistent and speedy connection. Our 5G Dome antenna has an IP67 rating to ensure exceptional durability and reliable signal transmission, making it a perfect solution for enduring rugged terrain and harsh outdoor environments. Furthermore, our 5G Whip Antenna provides high efficiency/gain, characterized as a flexible plastic finish structure with a swivel on its base. They are also easy to install with customizable cable lengths and connector options to fit your specific needs.

These antennas enable seamless transitions between LTE, 4G, and 5G networks making them ideal for a broad range of markets like industrial electronics, transportation, and telecommunications. Perfect for ensuring fast internet access in cities, asset tracking and predictive maintenance, reliable communication for emergency vehicles, and real-time data transfer for enhanced automation and efficiency.


  • High Gain and Efficiency: Ensures a reliable connection in all condition.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covering the entire 5G spectrum, they are versatile for many 5G applications.
  • IP67 Rated: Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a robust connection.
  • Customizable: Tailor to your setup with customizable cable lengths and connector options.


600 to 6000 MHz frequency

VSWR 2.0:1

NF(BH) Connector for Dome

SMA Connector for Blade

Operating Temp of -20C to +70C

High Efficiency

High Gain


Industrial IoT

Smart Cities

Emergency Services

Rural Connectivity


Part Numbers Type Frequency Range Peak Gain Mounting Size Key Features
AEMF1005X-H Whip 617 - 960 MHz
1400 - 2700 MHz
3300 - 4400 MHz
4400 - 6000 MHz
5.1 dB Connector mount 173 x 18 x 18mm Adjustable
AEMF3108X-F Dome 617 - 960 MHz
1400 - 2700 MHz
3300 - 4400 MHz
4400 - 6000 MHz
6.9 dB Connector mount 80 x 52.7 x 80mm IP67

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