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AR50LC Embedded Rubidium Oscillator: Low Phase Noise, High Precision Atomic Clock

Abracon's new AR50LC embedded Rubidium Oscillator offers cutting-edge technology with exceptional ...

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Supercapacitors vs Batteries Blog Banner

New Application Note: Supercapacitors vs. Batteries

In Abracon’s new guide Supercapacitors vs Batteries, we dissect the differences between supercapacitors ...

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Enhancing RF and Microwave System Designs 1

Enhancing RF and Microwave System Designs with Abracon's 2-Way Power Dividers

Abracon is pleased to announce our new range of 2-Way Power Dividers, designed to elevate the performance ...

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Next Generation Innovation Stamped Metal

Next Generation Innovation: Stamped Metal Embedded Niche Antennas

Abracon’s newest Stamped Metal Niche Antennas signify a commitment to providing engineers and system ...

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Powered by Abracon Fox Electronics

Powered by Abracon: Fox Electronics Offers Industry-Leading Performance

Labelled as one of Abracon’s premium brands, Fox has been supporting timing technology for over four decades.

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ASCODV Abracon

ASCODV: Abracon's Compact and Efficient Continuous Voltage® Solution

Abracon is pleased to offer the ASCODV crystal oscillator, our smallest-sized Continuous Voltage® product ...

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Abracon Reviewing the Clear Clock Family 1

Reviewing the ClearClock® Family: A Step Forward in Precision Timing Solutions

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, precision timing is more crucial than ever. Enter the ...

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Ultra Low Phase Noise O CS41 Series OCX Os 1

Introducing Abracon's Ultra-Low Phase Noise O-CS41 Series OCXOs

The O-CS41 series, an industry-leading Ultra-low phase noise OCXO from NEL is designed to meet the ...

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Abracon and u blox Unlocking Next Level Navigation

Abracon & u-blox® - Unlocking Next-Level Navigation

We’re excited to team up with u-blox® to offer a collaboration that promises to usher in a new era of ...

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Exploring High Precision GNSS Antennas Abracon

Unlocking Precision: Exploring High Precision GNSS Antennas

In a world where location accuracy is paramount, traditional GPS technology often falls short. Enter ...

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TLVR Improving Power Delivery Technology 1

Trans-Inductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) Inductors: Improving Power Delivery Technology

Historically, conventional topologies have wrestled with transient load responses; however, the TLVR ...

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Mini Molded Inductors

Mini Molded Inductors: Great Performance in a Compact Design

With the industry's continuous evolution and technological progress, there is an unprecedented demand for ...

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