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Power Inductors | Compact, Miniature, and Automotive Grade

ClearClock(TM) | Power and Jitter Optimized XO

New Quartz Crystals for the IoT | Timing

High Power and Industrial RJ45 | Connectivity

UHF RFID Tag Solutions | RF

Coils for Wireless Charging and Wireless Power Solutions | Power

Audio and Video Solutions | Timing, RF, Power

Antenna Solutions

Advanced MHz MEMS

Networking & Communications | Timing

Power Inductor Solutions | Power

32kHz and RTC Solutions | Timing

20W RX Dual Mode Coil | Power

10G Base-T for Industrial use | Connectivity

915MHz RFID for metal | RF

AWCCA series Wireless Charging Coils| Power

High Power Toroids - ATCA series | Power

Automotive Grade Inductors (H series) | Power

Automotive Grade Inductors (S series) | Power

High-Performance MHz MEMS Oscillator

Automotive & Industrial Grade kHz and MHz

watch-MEMS® kHz MEMS Oscillators

ASAK- Ultra-Miniature 32.768kHzµA Oscillator

Sync’n-Go: 10 MHZ Portable Precision Frequency Reference

AST3TQ- High Frequency TCXO, Tight Stability and Economical

ABLNO-Ultra-Low Phase Noise; Fixed & Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators

Abracon Corporate Overview | Mandarin

Abracon Corporate Overview

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