Mems Standard


MEMS timing is ideal when size, lead time, temperature stability, resistance to shock and vibration are essential. Watch-MEMS™ feature the world’s smallest 32.768kHz in 1.5 x 0.8mm. Standard MEMS offer small size. Ultra-performance devices have <1ps jitter.

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Product Lineup

Standard Smd

Standard SMD

MEMS clocks replace the traditional quartz resonator with an all-silicon resonator. Advantages are miniaturization, over temperature stability, resistance to shock and vibration and any frequency programmability.

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Pcle Clock

PCIe Clock

Available with pin compatibility to IDT's ICS557-03 this device complies with PCIe GEN1, GEN2 and GEN3 specifications without the need for a crystal, improving supply chain and footprint.

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32Khz Mems


Featuring the smallest 32.768kHz available on the market with 1.54x0.84mm footprint, these MEMS based devices offer temperature stability as low as 5ppm.

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Shortleadtime Programmable

Short Lead Time Programmable

Factory programmable to frequencies up to 1500MHz, these XO's are the go to short lead time solution improving time to market and addressing unforecasted upside or shortages in the supply chain of conventional fixed frequency XO's.

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