Clock Oscillators Xo

Crystal Oscillators (XO)

Quartz oscillators offer good frequency tolerance and temperature stability while maintaining low noise. Fixed or any frequency programmable XO’s with ultra-short lead offer up to 1.5GHz output frequencies in a variety of sizes, grades (including automotive).

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Product Lineup


Automotive and Industrial Grade (AIG XO)

Automotive and industrial grade XO's are manufactured on IATF 16949 certified production lines, AEC-Q200 certified and PPAP ready up to level 3. Frequencies from 32.768kHz up to 60MHz. Package options available as small as 2.0x1.6mm.

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Ultra Low Phase

Ultra Low Phase Noise

Clocks with low phase noise are necessary for RF applications targeting precision and high data rates. Abracon's Ultra-Low Phase Noise ABLNO solution achieves -120dBc/Hz at 100Hz offset frequency with 100MHz carrier.

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Ultra Low Noise Jitter

Ultra Low Jitter

Abracon is a leader in low jitter solutions required for high speed communications at serial data rates of 25Gbps, 32Gbps, 56Gbps and 100Gbps. Best performing is the ABLNO with 62fsec phase jitter at 156.25MHz carrier.

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32768Khz Smd

32.768kHz SMD

Specifically for real time clock (RTC) applications in a variety of end equipment including cameras, video, industrial, networking, communications these XO's are available with package options as small as 2.0x1.6mm.

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32768 Khz Dip

32.768kHz DIP

Specifically for real time clock (RTC) applications in a variety of end equipment including that require through-hole assembly technology.

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Smd Khz Mhz Xo

SMD kHz ~ MHz XO

SMD fixed frequency XO's dominate the market due to low cost and high density assembly capability. Frequencies from 321kHz to 800MHz are available in CMOS and differential output logic types. Footprints down to 1.6x1.2mm available.

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Thruhole Mhz Xo

Thru Hole MHz XO

Through-hole oscillators are popular in applications that have not fully migrated to surface mount technology. Abracon offers through-hole XO's with frequencies from 32.768kHz to 800MHz offering HCMOS or LVPECL output logic types.

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10Mhz 1 5Ghz Programmable

10MHz ~ 1.5GHz Programmable

These oscillators are factory programmable between 10MHz and 1.5GHz achieving short lead time for new frequencies. Available in compact 7x5mm and 2.5x2.0mm packages

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32Khz Mems

Short Lead Time Programmable

Factory programmable to frequencies up to 1500MHz, these XO's are the go to short lead time solution improving time to market and addressing unforecasted upside or shortages in the supply chain of conventional fixed frequency XO's.

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