Rf Inductors

RF Inductors

Abracon’s RF thin film and air coil inductors designed for discreet filter and VCO applications offer high Q and small form factor down to 0201 footprint with up to 2GHz SRF.

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Product Lineup

Thin Film Inductor

Thin Film RF Inductors

Optimized to meet compact 0.6x0.3mm and 1.0x0.5mm footprints, these thin film inductors are ideal for high frequency VCO design in advanced RF systems that require high Q and a high level of integration with low profile requirements. These inductors achieve Q up to 16.

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Aircoil Rf Inductors

Air Coil RF Inductors

Abracon offers air coil inductors in small form factors down to 2.85x1.8mm form factors for use in high frequency discrete RF circuits.

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Wire Wound Rf Inductors

Wirewound RF Inductors

Wire-wound inductors for RF systems enable high performance and high frequency discrete applications.

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Multilayer Rf Inductors

Multilayer Chip RF Inductors

Compact and high frequency, these chip inductors are optimal for space constrained RF applications using discrete designs.

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