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Abracon Corporation offers a diverse selection of antennas, ranging in frequency from 13.56MHz to 3010MHz. Abracon's antenna solutions are based on Patch, Chip, NFC, RFID Tags, and RFID readers. These solutions incorporate applications such as automotive navigation, cell phones, wireless and RFID systems

Abracon offers GPS Patch antennas in three different configurations including passive patch, active external patch, and active internal patch. The GPS passive patch selection offers a wide range of sizes from 9 x 9mm to 25 x 25mm. Additionally Abracon offers GLONASS passive patch antennas in 13 x 13mm and 25 x 25mm dimensions.

The RFID solutions offered by Abracon incorporate passive RFID patch, passive RFID readers, and passive RFID tags. This product series covers US 915.00MHz and Europe 868.00MHz frequencies.

Abracon's chip antennas are designed to operate over the single band Bluetooth / WLAN band (2.400 to 2.485GHz). The small size of this Bluetooth / WiFi antenna, along with omni-directional radiation patterns and 1.09dBi total peak gain, offers the best conversions from cost, size and performance stand point.

The ultra-thin flexible antenna structure of Abracon NFC series allows for peel and stick antenna designs for a variety of applications such as NFC payment readers, health care ID scanners, and ticketing systems.

Majority of Abracon's antenna solutions are readily available through our Global Distribution Network for immediate delivery.

For technical assitance, please contact Abracon at tech-support@abracon.com with your specific requirements.

Key Features:
• 13.56MHz to 3010MHz frequency range
• Pin type, SMD, peel and stick, RF connector
• Offering a variety of polarizations such as RHCP, Linear, Omni, and LHCP
• RoHS Compliant
• Space saving packaging, as miniature as 2.0 x 1.2 x 1.0 mm
• Larger patches availability for higher gain

• Automotive navigation
• Surveying equipment
• Cell phones and Laptops
• Access management
• Toll collection and contactless payment
• Machine readable travel documents
• Airport baggage tracking logistics
• Wireless application
• Health care ID scanners
• Electronic Parking Payments
• Industrial data collection

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