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Crystals and Resonators

Abracon Corporation offers a comprehensive line-up of oscillators, ranging in frequency from 32.768kHz to 1.50GHz. Abracon's oscillator solutions are based on Tuning Fork crystals, MEMS resonators or AT-Cut MHz Quartz Crystal resonators. These solutions incorporate a variety of circuit architectures including Pierce Oscillator Loop, Colpitts Oscillator Loop, OTP Fractional Synthesis, as well as; proprietary schemes to yield state-of-the-art rms jitter & phase noise.

Abracon also offers temperature compensated solutions (TCXO & TCVCXO), with and without voltage control functionality. To address applications requiring low EMI, Abracon offers a comprehensive mix of Spread Spectrum oscillator solutions as well

For RF architectures incorporating traditional or non-traditional Phase Locked Loops, Abracon offers a wide selection of Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO's), ranging in frequency from 10MHz to 1.50GHz.

Lastly, for higher precision requirements, Abracon offers both Stratum-III and OCXO solutions,available from 10MHz to 100MHz.

Please contact Abracon at tech-support@abracon.com with your specific requirements.

For Automotive applications, Abracon offers ruggedized oscillator solutions operable over -40°C to +125°C with AEC-Q100 data and Level-III PPAP documentation

Majority of Abracon's MEMS Oscillator and Quartz Oscillator solutions are readily available through our Global Distribution Network for immediate delivery. For a comprehensive list of Abracon's Oscillator offering, please visit: Abracon's Oscillator Product Line-up

For technical assistance, please contact Abracon at tech-support@abracon.com

Key Features:
• Tight set-tolerance and stability over temperature
• Low ESR
• Hermetic, Seam-Sealed Packaging
• RoHS Compliant and Pb free
• AEC-Q200 data
• Level-III PPAP documentation

• Utility Meters
• Consumer Electronics
• Medical Electronics
• Instrumentation
• Industrial Electronics
• Automotive
• Sensors
• RF Transmitters
• Real-Time-Clocks

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