Top 3 Benefits for Circuit Performance

1. Higher Inductance in a Smaller Package Size

Stacked inductors can offer higher inductance values compared to a single inductor of the same size, which can be helpful in designs where space is limited.

2. Improved power efficiency

Stacked inductors with low DCR improve a circuit’s power efficiency by minimizing power loss due to resistance. Low DCR stacked inductors can also help reduce heat generation, which is beneficial in circuits where temperature needs to be controlled.

3. Enhanced EMI performance

Stacked inductors can offer improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. The stacked cores create a more efficient magnetic path, which helps to reduce the amount of EMI emitted by the inductor. This can be especially beneficial in circuits sensitive to EMI, such as those found in medical or military applications.

The unique combination of high power efficiency and space-saving size makes stacked inductor technology a great choice for applications such as medical furniture, servers, electric cars, and more. 


  • High Power Density
  • Low DCR
  • High Saturation Current
  • Space-saving Form Factor


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation & IIoT
  • Networking & Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • Power Supply
  • Robotics
  • Automotive

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