Stacked Inductors:

Space-Saving & High Power

Abracon's stacked inductors are ideal for applications that require high power efficiency in a space-saving form factor. Stacked inductors consist of two inductor cores in parallel. This design provides excellent saturation performance due to the small air gap between the cores, and the small size saves space on the PCB.

In addition to their space-saving properties, stacked inductors offer high power efficiency. The large conducting element provides a low DCR and a higher current capability. This makes stacked inductors, like our AMSLA Series, ideal for high power applications.

" The AMSLA series is constructed of stacked cores around a conducting element, which enables very high current rating and low DCR. "

                                                    - Nihal Parekh, Product Line Manager

The unique combination of high power efficiency and space-saving size makes stacked inductor technology a great choice for applications such as medical furniture, servers, electric cars, and more. 


  • High Power Density
  • Low DCR
  • High Saturation Current
  • Space-saving Form Factor

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