Filter Power & Signal Noise in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Abracon’s latest Common Mode Chokes (CMCs) are available for both Power and Signal Line applications. Additionally, the signal line CMCs can support noise filtering in CAN, CAN-FD, and Ethernet data transmissions.

The applications where these chokes can broadly serve include automotive, industrial, IIoT, and Networking & Telecom.


  • High reliability
  • Wide impedance availability
  • Low profile
  • Superior noise suppression
  • Shielded magnetics


  • Advanced Automotive Driver Assistant Systems
  • Infotainment
  • TPMS
  • Distance, motor & transmission controllers
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Metering instrumentation

For more information, contact your local Abracon Representative or review our product information here: Abracon Automotive Common Mode Chokes

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