When it comes to vehicular antennas, Abracon offers a broad range of antennas that are IP67 rated and manufactured on a TS/IATF 16949 production line. Each antenna type has its specific benefits, and shark fin antennas provide a power-packed performance.

Long gone are the days when cars had long pole-like antennas near the trunk or windshield. Advancements in technology mean we can fit the same capabilities into something sleek and stylish. Today we see vehicles equipped with shark fin antennas attached to the roof.

Below are the top 3 reasons to use shark fin antennas:

1. They are easy to install, have customization options and save money.

One shark fin antenna can serve multiple protocols. They can help save money since only one antenna is required instead of several antennas. These roof mount antennas can be attached using screws and come with coax cable assemblies that allow for installation flexibility. Lastly, the antennas can be customized for cable and connector as needed.

2. They are high performing.

Shark fin antennas have high gain and demonstrate superior performance for applications such as navigation, communication and tracking. Each antenna is designed to meet the reliability and cost needs of the most challenging applications and market requirements.

3. They are aesthetically appealing, rugged and long-living.

Shark fin antennas are sleek, convenient, and based on an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and prevents accidental damage. These antennas are also extremely rugged. Shark fin antennas are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions or regular hazards that antennas face when mounted on a vehicle and exposed to the elements. Abracon’s shark fin antennas are IP67 rated, are built to last, and can ensure a maintenance-free and reliable performance over a long life span.

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