Spicewood, Texas – Abracon, a leading provider Frequency Control, Timing, Power, Magnetics, RF and Antenna solutions, has developed and published a brand new STM Microcontroller Crystal Reference Tool to the Abracon website.

Abracon has created a reference tool designed to help engineers, electronics buyers, and sales managers to quickly and easily identify the appropriate Abracon crystal oscillator product for a customer’s chosen 32-bit STMicro® chipset. STMicro’s STM32 microcontrollers are based on an industry-standard core providing options for a host of customizations and designer flexibility.

The new STM Microcontroller Crystal Reference Tool from Abracon features easy-to-use parametric filters allowing users to select by STM chipset and crystal parameters. The tool also supports LSE (kHz) & HSE (MHz) clocks and showcases a comprehensive list of compatible Abracon products in just a few clicks. Once a user makes their selection from the available parameters and drills down to the desired product set, Abracon datasheets are available within the tool to better compare product specifications.

“The release of our new online STM Microcontroller Crystal Reference Tool is a feature that customers and sales reps have been requesting from Abracon for some time and we’re thrilled to launch it to the public”, explains Kevin Lemon, Director of Products. “Engineers and designers can now utilize this tool to quickly and efficiently identify the Abracon crystal oscillators for use on their STM32 microcontroller design.”

Abracon’s STM Microcontroller Crystal Reference Tool is live and available for all to use now. It can be found under the “Resources” section of the Abracon website. For inquiries about this news release, please contact +1-512-371-6159.

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