Abracon’s Phase Noise and Jitter Calculator provides engineers the ability to quickly assess the rms jitter performance of both Abracon oscillator solutions, as well as simulate the jitter performance based on user provided phase noise values.

Since the tool’s inception in 2014, Abracon has made significant improvements to include a comprehensive selection-set for existing Abracon oscillators based on logic type, frequency, and supply voltage. In addition, both calculated rms jitter in femto seconds/pico seconds and calculated rms noise in radians are provided to assist engineers to determine the feasibility of the selected oscillator in their design.

The standard default offset range relative to the carrier frequency for this tool is 10Hz to 20MHz for carrier frequencies above 50MHz, and 10Hz to 5MHz for lower carrier frequencies. Additionally, a user defined field is provided where engineers can input their own dataset and simulate the rms jitter performance.

To enable further analysis, the complete dataset can be downloaded in CSV format, and the phase noise and jitter report is provided in PDF format which can be incorporated as part of the design history file.

Abracon’s Phase Noise and Jitter Calculator provides a quick and accurate assessment of the oscillator performance and was developed to aid engineers during the front-end of their design cycle.

Please visit: https://abracon.com/phase-noise-and-jitter-calculator to access the tool.

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