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Why ATXK-H Series Crystal Oscillators?

Abracons 32.768kHz Miniature Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) are designed for ultra-low frequency stability in applications like RTCs, IoT, and timing synchronization for networks.
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Why ASPIAIG-Q Series Inductors?

Abracons comprehensive ASPIAIG-Q High Power Density Transportation Inductor family features high-current and low-profile solutions for designs requiring high power rating, reliability and operating temperature capability.
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Why Niche Antennas?

The Niche series is a ProAnt patented PCB integrated antenna concept available through licensing. Its cost effectiveness makes it suitable for high-volume projects. Available in various frequencies.
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Why GNSS Antennas?

Global Positioning System (GPS) / Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antennas enable tracking and position finding applications to access GPS/GNSS satellite constellations.
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Why ABS05 Tuning Fork Crystals?

The ABS05 series is the perfect solution for time management in RTC circuits requiring small form factors. Our high-demand series of tuning fork crystals are low in power consumption preserving battery life in a wide range of applications.
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Why AMSLA Series Inductors?

Abracons AMSLA stacked inductors are ideal solutions for consumer electronics, industrial and IIoT applications that require high power efficiency.
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