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Why AOC Series Oscillators?

Abracons AOC1409 & AOC2012 SMD oven-controlled SC-Cut crystal oscillator-based designs exhibit extremely low long-term aging characteristics over 20 years in both fixed and voltage-controlled LVCMOS clock output configurations.
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Why Automotive Power Inductors?

This selection of Abracon inductors can service most high-reliability DC/DC conversion topologies with superior power densities and efficiencies.
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Why High Power Toroid Inductors?

Abracons ATCA line of toroid inductors utilizing high efficiency, powdered iron core are designed for high power applications where through-hole assembly technology is used.
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Why ASPIAIG-S Series Inductors?

The ASPIAIG-S6055 and ASPIAIG-S8050 are a series of shielded SMD power inductors designed for automotive, industrial, and other high-reliability applications.
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Why Automotive Quartz Crystals?

Abracons ABS07AIG is the perfect solution for commercial or industrial applications in extreme environments. With an ultra-low-profile form, the ABS07AIG can be implemented in space-constrained designs like wearables or a vehicles infotainment system.
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Why Ultra-Wide Band Chip Antennas?

The low power consumption requirements of Abracons Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) antennas result in increased battery life. Our products are designed for the next generation connectivity with fast and reliable data transmission.
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