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Abracon Joins Online Panel Series with ECCN (Asia)

Abracon is proud to join ECCN's upcoming Online Talks on December 21st, 2022.
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Abracon Expands Continuous Voltage Oscillator Family with Automotive Grade SMD Crystals

Abracons ASEKDVAIG, ASAKDVAIG, and ASDKDVAIG are AEC-Q200 qualified and manufactured on fully certified IATF 16949 production lines, giving long-term reliability while reducing cost.
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New Abracon White Paper: IBIS Models for Simulating Crystal Oscillator Output Performance

This white paper provides an overview of the IBIS model's ability to simulate oscillator performance within a larger circuit. System-level designers can utilize IBIS models to simplify and expedite the design process. IBIS models save behavioral information vs. structural, saving data at a rate requiring less processing power and allowing for faster simulation and analysis.
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Abracon Releases New Interactive Antenna Catalog

The Interactive Antenna Catalog features over 250 antennas that span across the top IoT protocols. These interactive features allow readers to easily click through and learn more about each antenna.
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Why Automotive Common Mode Chokes?

Filter Power & Signal Noise in Automotive and Industrial Applications
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Why 5G Sub-6 GHz Antennas?

Abracons 5G Sub-6 GHz antennas cover global cellular technology bands (600 MHz to 6 GHz), including 5G NR (FR1), CBRS, and private LTE. These antennas can handle the higher capacity and bandwidth of 5G networks and provide consistent coverage.
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