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Why Abracon’s Molded Power Inductor Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your high-power DC-DC conversion applications with Abracon's molded power inductors. Benefit from superior thermal efficiencies, stability, compactness, temperature resilience, and efficiency optimization.
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Abracon Releases New Interactive Inductor Catalog

Abracon announces the release of their 2023 interactive inductor catalog, featuring over 200 series and 70+ newly added parts.
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Why Abracon Solutions for Smart Agriculture?

At the heart of smart agriculture is reliable and efficient technology, and Abracon offers a range of solutions ideal for smart agriculture applications.
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Abracon Welcomes Cole Sikes as Vice President of Global Distribution and EMS

Abracon is pleased to welcome Cole Sikes as the companys new Vice President of Global Distribution and EMS.
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Top 5 Most Interesting Pi Facts

Pi is an important mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Pi is commonly approximated as 3.14159, but its decimal representation goes on infinitely without repeating.
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New Abracon White Paper: Ferrite Beads Basic Operations and Key Parameters

This new white paper highlights the fundamentals of ferrite beads and the key parameters to consider when using them in a design.
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