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Organization Announcement - Mary Rea Promoted to Director of Sales for North America Region

Abracon LLC, (Abracon) today announced it has completed the acquisition of AEL Crystals Ltd, a privately held frequency control supplier headquartered in Surrey, England.

Abracon to Attend ITSF 2021 as Bronze Level Sponsor

Abracon is a proud Bronze Level Sponsor of the 2021 International Timing and Synch Forum.

Top 3 Advantages of MIMO

The clear roadmap for high data rate is the use of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) RF architectures. These are the three bottom-line reasons to apply MIMO and when to use each technique.

Antennas for Smart Wearables

Wearable technology actively improves our lifestyle by embedding technology as a part of our everyday lives. A smart wearable, classified under the Internet of Things (IoT), is a body-worn smart device that commonly monitors an individuals health and wellness, motion and fitness and location. After COVID-19, many wearables are designed with the ability to monitor and predict illness symptoms in advance, practice social distancing and for contact tracing.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Shark Fin Antennas

When it comes to vehicular antennas, Abracon offers a broad range of antennas. Each type of antenna has its specific benefits and shark fin antennas provide a power-packed performance. Here are the top 3 reasons to use shark fin antennas.

Abracon Announces 10ppb Stability OCXOs for Precision Holdover Applications

The AOC2012, AOC1409 and AOC2522A/AOC2522B OCXOs offer ±10ppb stability over commercial and industrial temperature ranges respectively. These solutions are ideally suited for Stratum 3/3E, cellular infrastructure, base station, test & measurement, switch, router, precision GPS and precision timing reference applications.


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