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Why OnBoard Stamped Metal Antennas?

The OnBoard SMD antenna is a secure choice to get robust connectivity in your wireless application.

Why ABS07 Tuning Fork Crystals?

Abracon's ABS07 series is the perfect solution for time management in RTC circuits.

Abracon Welcomes Tim Fedorov as Vice President of Corporate Development

Abracon is pleased to welcome Tim Fedorov who brings over 20 years of technology and strategy experience to the team.

Why Continuous Voltage Oscillators?

Abracon's SPXO and TCXO devices are designed to support low power and battery-powered designs requiring reduced overall system power budget.

Why Stacked Inductors?

Abracon's stacked inductors are ideal for applications that require high power efficiency in a space-saving form factor.

Abracon Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Abracon LLC, (Abracon) a leader in passive components celebrates 30 years in buisness.


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