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Abracon Releases Power-Optimized AK5 and AK7 ClearClock™ Oscillators with Sub-80fs Jitter

The ultra-low jitter AK7 and AK5 ClearClock™ oscillators utilize a quieter third overtone architecture that avoids PLL-based multiplication, reducing overall power consumption far below other high-performance XO alternatives.
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Abracon Updates Website Resources Page

Abracon resource page offers design tools, calculators, quality documentation, technical papers and solutions guides to help engineers tackle the toughest design challenges and support your go-to-market needs. The new page design improves navigability
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Abracon Announces Key Product Updates to Audio/Video Solutions Guide

Audio and video are top applications demonstrating major growth. Abracon has enhanced its offering of antenna, connectivity, power and timing solutions for these key application segments.
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Top 3 Advantages of MIMO

The clear roadmap for high data rate is the use of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) RF architectures. These are the three bottom-line reasons to apply MIMO and when to use each technique.
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Abracon Announces New In-Stock Ceramic Resonators in Popular Footprints and Values

The AWSCR Series of miniature ceramic resonators addresses the timing needs of industrial, consumer, motor control, appliances and other rugged applications.
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Abracon Announces New Antenna Solutions for WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and ISM Band Applications

Abracon's new patch and dual-band chip antenna solutions target top broadband, IoT and wireless LAN protocols.
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