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Abracon Announces Smart Metering Application Guide for Antennas

Abracon's new Smart Metering Application Guide showcases antenna products that address the needs of smart metering applications in commercial, consumer and industrial environments.
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Abracon Announces 10ppb Stability OCXOs for Precision Holdover Applications

The AOC2012 and AOC1409 OCXOs offer ±10ppb stability over commercial and industrial temperature ranges respectively. These solutions are ideally suited for Stratum 3/3E, cellular infrastructure, base station, test & measurement, switch, router, precision GPS and precision timing reference applications.
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The Future of Ethernet in Industrial Automation

The introduction of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and factory floor robotics is changing the way people interact with technology in business.
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Abracon Announces Antennas Supporting 4G/LTE and 2G/3G/GSM for M2M

Abracon has new antennas making use of ubiquitous 2G/3G/GSM and 4G/LTE cellular connectivity standards to support Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
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Abracon’s New Factory-Configurable ASGTX5 TCXO with 3ppm Stability Delivers up to 2.1GHz in a Compact Footprint

Shrinking the footprint to 5.0 x 3.2 mm, the jitter-optimized ASGTX5 series delivers frequencies up to 2.1GHz with +/-3ppm temperature stability for networking and telecommunications applications
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Abracon Announces External MIMO Antennas for the IoT

Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) RF connectivity will soon become a dominant technique for increasing data rate, boosting deployment density and increasing RF channel capacity. Abracon’s new MIMO antennas are optimized to meet the needs of cellular, geopositioning and wireless LAN applications.
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