Austin, Texas – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of Frequency Control & Timing, RF & Antenna, and Inductor & Connectivity solutions, releases A Study on Niche Antennas vs. Chip Antenna white paper. 

With an increased demand for high efficiency and reduced power consumption in wireless devices and machines, the miniaturization of electronic devices for wireless communication is on the rise. Given the limited real estate for antenna designs on PCBs, engineers must design a high-performing antenna element to consider several constraints. A few of these constraints include the presence of battery, reflections from other metals, and absorption by human body tissue in the vicinity. Further, manufacturability and ease of integration also play a crucial role in determining the choice of the antenna for a product. The present study signifies the features of the Niche antenna in comparison to the commonly used chip antenna in the dual-band 2.4/5GHz WLAN spectrum.

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Headquartered outside of Austin, Texas, Abracon enables global customers to design next-generation products by offering innovative and high-performance Frequency Control & Timing, Inductors & Connectivity, and RF & Antenna solutions. Abracon accelerates customers’ time to market by focusing on technical expertise, service excellence, and providing reliable electronic components through a global distribution network. With service, quality, and technical knowledge at the company’s core, Abracon empowers innovative connected technology in markets spanning data communication, transportation, industrial, medical, aerospace, defense, and beyond.

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