Austin, Texas – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of Frequency Control & Timing, RF & Antenna, and Inductor & Connectivity solutions, releases the IBIS Models for Simulating Crystal Oscillator Output Performance white paper.

IBIS models are a compact and secure standard for simulating oscillators within a larger circuit. System-level designers looking to simulate oscillator performance can utilize IBIS models provided by Abracon to simplify and expedite the design process. Using IBIS models to represent crystal oscillators allows for faster and more secure simulations compared to common structural model counterparts. This is valuable because it allows manufacturers to share simulation tools for their products more freely and designers to calculate the effects of oscillators in their designs quickly and easily.

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*This news release includes excerpts from the white paper

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Headquartered outside of Austin, Texas, Abracon is a trusted supplier of leading-edge and innovative electronic components including Frequency Control, Timing, Power, Magnetics, RF and Antenna solutions. Servicing world-class companies across the data communication, transportation, industrial, medical, consumer, aerospace, and defense industries, Abracon accelerates customers’ time-to-market by providing unmatched product solutions, technical expertise, and service excellence.

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