AUSTIN, TX – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of frequency control, timing, synchronization, RF, connectivity, and power component solutions, announces the release of a new application note titled "Abracon AIRD Inductors Achieve High Breakdown Voltage Lighting Applications". Read the complete application note here.

Below is an excerpt:


In a typical LED lighting application, the controller handles several hundred Watts of power, and the ballast voltage can go up to around 300 Volts. Therefore, it is imperative that the inductor used is able to simultaneously withstand high power and high voltage.

Insulation Mechanism

When inductors are used in a high voltage application, the partial discharge over an extended time period degrades the insulation layers and the metallization near the voltage gap. Eventually, this partial discharge chars through the metal and conducts current across the gap.

MnZn Ferrite core is characterized as high permeability, high flux-density core-material and is commonly used in such inductors. However, the intrinsic property of this core material is poor insulation performance. The insulation typically breaks down between 200 ~ 300V, which may cause overheating and may result in controller-board failure. To overcome this challenge, Abracon’s AIRD series inductors utilize a specialized epoxy coating on the surface of the core...

Read the complete application note here.

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