Austin, Texas – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a global leader in frequency control, timing, power magnetic, RF antenna, and connectivity solutions, is excited to announce a new look for the company and its brands. The refreshed brand identity reflects what Abracon has become since its founding in 1992: A solutions leader that empowers innovative, connected IoT technology solutions by providing the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges of today. 

Abracon’s acquisition of ILSI America and its subsidiary brands (Ecliptek, ILSI, MMD and Oscilent) in December 2019 signified the company’s need to evolve its brand identity to leverage the strength of our united brands in the industry.

The Abracon team wanted to take this opportunity to modernize our brand, to better communicate the breadth of expertise and service that Abracon truly represents and to refine our aligned vision and value proposition.

Abracon and its brands (Ecliptek, ILSI, MMD and Oscilent) are in an exciting stage, and this milestone transformation signifies we are ready for the next step in our journey.

Who Abracon is Today?

Abracon’s brand identity is evolving to meet today’s modern, connected ecosystem. Thanks to a new corporate look and a digital transformation, the refreshed corporate identity blends Abracon’s deep brand portfolio into a unified family.

Abracon powers a strategic brand and product portfolio while providing the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges of today. Together, the Abracon brands deliver applied innovation, agile support, global distribution and supply chain flexibility.  

The new logos, website enhancements and messaging support the company’s enhanced mission while staying true to our team’s core Abracon Way values. As Abracon continues to grow, we want to exemplify our team’s three core values: quality, service and innovation.

Digital Transformation

You may have noticed some enhancements, like the speed. This is just one aspect that IT and operations are working with us to meet the global needs of today. Over the next few months, keep engaging with our web platform and keep an eye out for continued feature enhancements.

The Abracon website now brings our brands together in a unified ecosystem. There is only one public website,, for all Abracon brands now. Ecliptek, ILSI, MMD and Oscilent websites will all redirect their respective brand pages.

Our social media handles are listed on our website and are all tagged as one brand @abracon.

The New Look

New Logo Reveal

The growing portfolio of brands powered by Abracon (Ecliptek, ILSI, MMD and Oscilent) will retain a piece of their original identity through their logos and boilerplates, but all Abracon brands will now share the same coloring palette, typography and other corporate design elements.

The new colors represent the growth and modernization that Abracon has undergone since its inception as well as the future that the company sees itself moving toward. The most important addition has been that of the bright blue, which we are calling "Electric Blue". Vibrant and energizing, this blue speaks to the growth that Abracon has seen, and to the energy it brings to the market. The dark blue of the previous logo has been deepened to contrast with the Electric Blue, balancing the vibrant with the strong.

The old Abracon logo represented two hands locked together to signify Abracon’s “power of linking together” its production facilities with customers throughout the world. While this aspect is still true, we have far surpassed that simplified messaging. The new logo’s upward-facing triangle shape represents Abracon’s continued growth and its commitment to three key values: quality, service and innovation.

What’s Next?

As Abracon continues to grow, our refreshed brand will remain our guiding identity.

Over the next few weeks, you will start seeing further web enhancements, updated content and brand announcements. The new logos and brand identity.

We also published a brand assets page. Please utilize this source to explore and learn more about Abracon’s brand refresh.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Abracon sales leader or manufacturer’s representative.

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