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HVAC Market Outlook & Abracon Solution Lineup

According to research, the demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC) has increased globally during 2021.

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According to research the demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC) has increased globally during 2021.

Market Size and Growth Forecast

The HVAC system market is estimated to be USD 197 billion and projected to increase to 271.5 billion by 2026. A CAGR of 6.6% YoY until 2026.

  • The increase in demand is due to many more people working from home who realize that they want a nice comfortable environment to be in, not too hot or too cold. By comfortable we mean not too hot, not too cold and with clean air to breathe.
  • Many are becoming more aware of their health including the quality of the air we breathe.

Key Trends:

  • Demand for Premium products: We are seeing increasing demand for feature-rich products with for example connectivity to Smart Devices or Home Networks, usually via Wi-Fi.
  • Greater Connectivity: Increasing demand for connectivity both for monitoring, control and between devices.
  • Wi-Fi 6 / 6E: The chosen version of Wi-Fi is often Wi-Fi 6 / 6E, it better supports IoT and Smart Home. Reasons include:
    1. Firstly Wi-Fi 6 allows “Wi-Fi sleeping”, in theory this saves power and extends the battery. This is often a part of the end-user’s buying criteria.
    2. Secondly Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible.
    3. Thirdly Wi-Fi 6 is the “latest version of Wi-Fi”, many people simply want a connection [protocol] that they are familiar with, and they can trust will work with their existing connections now and in the future.
  • Advanced features: Over-The-Air (OTA) wireless software updates of consumer products is forecasted, similar to have we update the operating systems on our Smart Phones. This feature extends to Home Appliances and even our Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) forecasted in a few years.
  • Power Efficiency: As evident from the recent CES 2022 exhibition in January 2022, it is clear there is a commitment within the Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics industries to help counter Climate Change and ensure the planet continues to be in a good condition in future.

Abracon Solutions to consider:

Antenna Solutions: Abracon Chip antenna for WiFi 6E

  • Part number: ACR1004A. There is also an EVAL board available for this chip antenna (PN: ACR1004A-EVB) making it quicker for engineers to test and Go-To-Market with their new product earlier.
  • The recommended Ground plane is 100mm x 50mm located in the corner.
  • Please remember Abracon’s Antenna Matching Service to get the optimized performance in terms of efficiency and wireless range.


Cellular Connectivity

  • For direct connectivity to a Cloud Server consider the AFC8513U4G released in Q4-2021.
  • It's a highly versatile option covering all bands (5G/4G/LTE/2G/3G/GSM) with >60% efficiency.
  • As it is a flexible board antenna with cable length option; 50mm, 100mm or 200mm, and with a connection option makes this ideal for many IoT applications.
  • Key benefits include possibility to locate the antenna away from interfering material and no ground plane is needed! Only an 85mm (~3.4 inches) plus space for the cable is needed even on a curved surface!


Inductor Solutions

  • Soft Saturation: With the Power Inductor being a key part of the power circuitry, choosing the right inductor to maximize power efficient is important. For this, Abracon recommends considering inductors with “soft” saturation. Our whitepaper here explains how Soft Saturation can help to keep power consumption to a minimum.
  • Shielded Construction Inductors: Consider Abracon’s “Shielded Construction” inductors for EMI shielding. As inductors produce magnetic fields shielding them can reduce interference with other nearby components.
  • AMELA Series: These inductors feature both Shielded Construction and Soft Saturation, switching frequencies of 100kHz to 5MHz, and a wide operating temperature -55C to +125C (-67F to +257F). Datasheet can be found here.
  • ASPI Series: Abracon’s ASPI High Power Density Commercial Inductor series are ideal solutions for low-profile applications with high current and transient loads requiring EMI shielding, such as DC-DC switching converters and power supplies for notebooks, workstations, and servers.


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