Austin, TX – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of passive & electromechanical timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and RF components announces the Coils for Wireless Charging and Wireless Power Solutions Guide featuring the 20W RX wireless charging coil optimized for Semtech’s LinkCharge 20™. The solutions guide makes it fast and easy to select the right coil solution from available dimensions and power capabilities by providing information on the various uses for wireless charging and wireless power in high power applications, industrial, robotics, IoT and wearables. Abracon specializes on a broad range of receiver coils starting at 12mm and 15mm in diameter, which are perfect for industrial IoT applications. Ideal applications include robotics, drones, automation systems, power tools, and medical devices, which all benefit from the reliable and consistent power delivery to device batteries. Abracon also offers a wide range of coils suitable for either transmitter or receiver applications.

As many of today’s electronic devices become roamable, the need for wireless charging will inevitably expand. Unplugging from the need for a traditional connector with metal contacts improves reliability, durability, robustness and enables ease of use without limiting device charge times. Portable and roamable devices of all types will benefit from the broad wireless charging solutions that Abracon offers.”
Juan Conchas, Director or Marketing with Abracon

All of Abracon’s wireless charging coil solutions are in stock and available through franchised distributors. View the solutions guide here:

About Abracon, LLC

Founded in 1992, and headquartered in Irvine, California, Abracon is a leading global manufacturer of passive and electromechanical timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and RF solutions. Abracon offers a wide selection of quartz timing crystals and oscillators, MEMS oscillators, real time tlocks (RTC), Bluetooth modules, ceramic resonators, SAW filters and resonators, power and RF inductors, transformers, circuit protection components and RF antennas and wireless charging coils. The company is ISO9001-2015 certified with design & application engineering resources in California and Texas and sales offices in Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Scotland, and Germany. Abracon’s products are offered through its global distribution network.

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