Abracon is an industry leader in passive components, providing frequency control & timing devices, RF & antenna products, and inductor & connectivity solutions. With service and quality at the company’s core, Abracon enables innovative IoT solutions. Abracon powers the premier brands, AEL Crystals, Ecliptek, Fox, and ProAnt, and the support brands, ILSI, MMD, and Oscilent, delivering the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges.

Abracon has successfully completed four strategic acquisitions in the last two years to further expand its global footprint in the electronic component industry and provide customers with a variety of solutions and services that best fit their design needs and requirements.

ILSI America LLC -Acquired December 2019

Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, ILSI America became a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a broad range of components across four brands: ILSI, MMD, Ecliptek and Oscilent. Abracon has supported the ILSI brands for new and existing customers while adding its product portfolio to the existing product offerings. The ILSI brands fulfill a scope of requirements that meet the strict standards of both OEM and CEM customers across many vertical markets via the following products: quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, MEMS oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXO, filter and resonators. Abracon customers can utilize a programming capability, offered under its premier brand Ecliptek, which provides a quick-turn delivery of low, medium, and high-volume programmable oscillators.

Fox Electronics – Acquired December 2020

Fox Electronics’ products were excellent additions to Abracon’s quartz crystal and clock oscillator product portfolio, as the acquired brand offered more than 40 years of well recognized leading-edge knowledge and product insight. Abracon has continued to meet critical customer design and product needs by creating cutting-edge products that improve quartz crystal and clock oscillator performance, precision, reliability, and stability. Abracon has actively supported the integration of all Fox Electronics product lines as well as the superior customer service and quick delivery times. Fox Electronics is now Fox, a premier brand powered by Abracon.

AEL Crystals Ltd – Acquired March 2021

With the acquisition of AEL Crystals Ltd, Abracon expanded its frequency control and timing devices portfolio while increasing its physical presence in the European market. The integration of AEL’s range of products into its existing portfolio strengthened Abracon's ability to provide the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve our customers’ unique challenges of today. The addition of the premier brand AEL Crystals fulfills this objective as the AEL corporate headquarters in the UK was transformed into the Abracon European service center.

Proant AB and Proant Asia Limited – Acquired July 2021

Abracon’s recent acquisition of Proant AB and Proant Asia Limited provides patented technology and custom design expertise complementing the current broad antenna offering. The additional wide range of embedded and external antennas includes featured products such as the Niche, OnBoard, InSide, Ex-It, and Outside antennas. The acquisition provides customers with continuous support through development services, including feasibility studies, antenna simulations, active antenna measurements, rapid prototyping, and matching network design. Abracon retained two Proant facilities, one in Sweden and one in Hong Kong, to support its global footprint in the RF antenna market. Abracon will continue to power the premier ProAnt brand, and its featured products and services.

For more information about Abracon's Premier and Support Brands, visit https://abracon.com/brands or connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with company news, product highlights and more.

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