Irvine, CA – A globally preferred, leading supplier of frequency control and magnetic components, Abracon LLC has introduced its ABL6M, ABLS6M, ABL7M, ABL7M2, ABLS7M and ABLS7M2 series of newly miniaturized versions of its popular HC-49US crystals named the ABLS series.

“Offered at a lower height with a smaller footprint and through-hole and SMD packages, our ABL6M, ABLS6M, ABL7M, ABL7M2, ABLS7M and ABLS7M2 series crystals are ideal space-saving solutions,” explains Syed Raza, director of engineering at Abracon.


“The ABL7M, ABL7M2, ABLS7M and ABLS7M2 reduce the footprint of a standard low-cost HC-49US crystal package by almost 50% and the ABL6M and ABLS6M by about 66‰. While offering a substantial size reduction, the resistance weld sealed package ensures optimal in-circuit performance and long-term reliability. These devices are also RoHS compliant and Pb free,” continues Raza.

Typical applications of this series include: microprocessors, wireless applications, home appliances and industrial and consumer electronics, amongst others.

  • These cost-effective devices also offer such key advantages as:
  • A reduced footprint from the standard HC-49US crystal package
  • A low profile Tight stability and extended temperature, including operating temperature range options
  • High-reliability and low-cost
  • A resistance welded metal package RoHS compliant and Pb free

Abracon´s space-saving HC-49US crystal series is available through Abracon’s Global Distribution partners at a competitive price.
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