Discover the pitfalls of using quartz XTALs with 18pF CL on next generation energy saving MCUs

Driving 18pF crystals using traditional MCUs was never an issue. However, today's energy saving MCUs designed for IoT and other ultra low power applications may not have enough juice and the quartz crystal may not oscillate. This application note is a case study clearly showing that much like predecessors using 32pF CL, the 18pF CL option is no longer a good match for advanced MCUs. Eventually, this option will fade out and only 12pF or less will be useful. Learn all about it in Application Note 1025

For the lowest CL and lowest ESR quartz crystals see the IoT optimized "W" series here: ABM8WABM10WABM11WABM12WABS07WABS06W and ABS05W

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