(Austin, TX) Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of passive & electromechanical timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and RF components announces the availability of an advanced proprietary Pierce analyzer system that validates quartz crystal performance in-circuit. The ability to sustain oscillation for a given quartz crystal oscillator design depends heavily on crystal’s motional parameters, board parasitics and oscillator circuit characteristics. The oscillator circuit is a closed loop system that sustains oscillation at an operating frequency, depending on the crystal plating capacitance (CL), crystal equivalent series resistance (ESR) and Oscillator Amplifier’s gain & phase response. Lower CL and lower ESR at the crystal level, enables the circuit to operate with adequate gain margin and improves the closed-loop stability; ensuring sustained oscillations across all variables, including variation in bias, loading, temperature and over time. Integrated circuits that use external quartz crystals do not always account for these key limiting factors. For instance, estimating or simulating the effect of board parasitics is not always possible. In-circuit testing of the quartz crystal while connected to the oscillator IC and attached to the board reveals design errors and inaccuracies that may cause over-drive, under-drive or center frequency deviations; or even the ability to sustain oscillations.

Overdrive on the crystal causes long term reliability concerns due to microfractures within the crystal lattice. Under-drive may lead to complete oscillator loop failure, and center frequency errors as high as +/-500 parts per million may be completely out of range of acceptable frequency drift for a given application,” says Syed Raza, VP of Engineering with Abracon. “To conserve power, next generation IC’s must lower the gain in the oscillator loop requiring quartz crystals with much lower ESR at lower plating load. With next generation ultra-low power circuits used in the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables, fabricated in <14 nanometer geometry; it’s no longer safe to assume that the oscillator will operate with sufficient gain margin, especially over temperature and time.
The quartz crystal oscillator,” says Juan Conchas, Director of Marketing with Abracon, “sets the beat of the entire system. As oscillators are starved of power, failure to operate or operation off-center frequency is much more likely and more challenging to correct. For this reason, the ability to verify the performance of the crystal oscillator loop in-circuit, has become a necessary step in validating the overall system design.

The service provides a comprehensive report outlining the functional parameters of the oscillator circuit and recommends changes when necessary. This service is conducted by Abracon and can be ordered through any franchised distributor, with multiple turn-around times from 2-week to 4-weeks.

About Abracon, LLC

Founded in 1992, and headquartered in Irvine, California, Abracon is a leading global manufacturer of passive and electromechanical timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and RF solutions. Abracon offers a wide selection of quartz timing crystals and oscillators, MEMS oscillators, real time tlocks (RTC), Bluetooth modules, ceramic resonators, SAW filters and resonators, power and RF inductors, transformers, circuit protection components and RF antennas and wireless charging coils. The company is ISO9001-2015 certified with design & application engineering resources in California and Texas and sales offices in Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Scotland, and Germany. Abracon’s products are offered through its global distribution network.

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