Austin, Texas – Abracon, LLC (Abracon), The Heartbeat of the IoT®, a leading global manufacturer of frequency control, timing, synchronization, RF, connectivity and power solutions, announces newly available evaluation boards for a variety of chip antenna solutions.

Engineers can use the new evaluation boards to test how Abracon’s chip antennas perform within a desired application environment. Engineers can directly plug a chip antenna into the test equipment and measure its performance without exerting additional tuning efforts.

Abracon’s chip antennas cover a broad range of protocols, such as cellular 4G/LTE, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS), WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee, LPWA and NB-IoT. The selected chip antennas provide an optimal convergence in size, cost and performance. The collection includes both compact form factor and high gain solutions that support single and multi-band options.

Click the EVB part number from the tables below to download the datasheet, request a sample or view the available channel inventory.

Cellular Solutions

EVB Part Number Protocol Frequency Support Associated Antenna
ACAR3005-S824-EVB 2G/3G/GSM 824MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.17GHz ACAR3005-S824
ACAR3705-S698-EVB 4G/LTE 700MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.17GHz, 2.5GHz ~ 2.7GHz ACAR3705-S698
ACAR4008-S698-EVB 4G/LTE 700MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.71GHz ~ 2.17GHz, 2.5GHz ~ 2.7GHz ACAR4008-S698

WiFi Solutions

EVB Part Number Protocol Frequency Support Associated Antenna
ACAG0201-2450-EVB WiFi 2.4GHz ACAG0201-2450-T
ACAG0301-24505500-EVB Dual WiFi 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz ACAG0301-24505500-T
ACAG0301-5500-EVB WiFi 5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz ACAG0301-5500-T
ACAR0301-SW2-EVB Dual WiFi 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.825GHz ACAR0301-SW2
ACAG0801-2450-EVB WiFi 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz ACAG0801-2450-T

LPWA Solutions

EVB Part Number Protocol Frequency Support Associated Antenna
ACAG1204-433-EVB LPWA 428MHz ~ 438MHz ACAG1204-433-T
ACAG1204-868-EVB LPWA 858MHz ~ 878MHz ACAG1204-868-T
ACAG1204-915-EVB LPWA 908MHz ~ 922MHz ACAG1204-915-T
ACAR3705-SB-EVB NB-IoT/Sub-GHz 698MHz ~ 960MHz ACAR3705-SB

Navigational Solutions

EVB Part Number Protocol Frequency Support Associated Antenna
ACAG0301-1575-EVB GPS/GLONASS 1.565GHz ~ 1.585GHz ACAG0301-1575-T

Combo Solutions

EVB Part Number Protocol Frequency Support Associated Antenna
ACAG0301-15752450-EVB GPS, WiFi 1.575GHz, 2.4GHz ACAG0301-15752450-T
ACAR3005-C2WB-EVB WiFi, LPWA 824MHz ~ 960MHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz ACAR3005-C2WB

Several factors contribute to the performance and radiation characteristics when designing a chip antenna into a PCB design. These factors include the antenna layout, the clearance area and ground plane size, and the components surrounding the antenna layout. Abracon's “PCB Trace vs. Chip Antenna Design Considerations"application note addresses the above topics and offers guidance toward successfully implementing a chip antenna on a PCB.

Since PCB layout greatly impacts antenna performance, tuning is required to match an antenna impedance for the desired band in the actual device environment. An antenna becomes a bottleneck in an application without a good impedance match. The result is reduced communication range, increased power consumption and poor transmission quality. Abracon’s “Impedance Matching - Simplified” white paper outlines different matching techniques to maximize the power transfer from the RF end into the antenna.

Abracon also offers in-system chip antenna optimization services by characterizing the antenna performance in the end system or product. This service offers corrective measures that compensate for the detuning and impedance mismatch.

Visit Abracon’s parametric system to learn more about the available chip antennas and evaluation boards. View the Interactive Antenna Catalog to learn more about Abracon’s wireless connectivity solutions.

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