April 16, 2021 – Abracon awards Future Electronics with five awards. Future Electronics has been awarded with five of Abracon's 2020 Awards for their outstanding performance in multiple regions. This award recognizes Future Electronics' continued hard work and dedication to the Abracon brands. 

Abracon awards presented to Future Electronics:

Abracon's 2020 Global Excellence Award

Abracon's 2020 Americas Excellence Award

Abracon's 2020 APAC Excellence Award

Abracon's 2020 Global Executive Partnership Award – Karim Yasmin

Abracon's 2020 APAC Executive Partnership Award – Gary Huan

Mike White, Abracon's VP of Global Sales shared "Not only did Future Electronics set themselves up for a strong performance in 2020, with all of their hard work, they set themselves up for continued growth! There is a tremendous alignment up and down the organization. Future Electronics understands the value of Abracon, embraces it and incorporates it throughout their organization."

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