Featured in this article are a few of our key products from our robust portfolio of component solutions from 2021. As an industry leader in passive components, timing devices, RF & antenna products, and inductor & connectivity solutions, we strive to provide exceptional service and quality to every single one of our customers. We are proud of delivering and enabling innovative IoT solutions and look forward to serving our customer base with more cutting-edge products in 2022.

Continuous Voltage Series

SPXO Series - The MHz and kHz SPXO series are designed for simplicity and low RMS jitter performance while exhibiting continuous voltage operation. The oscillators can drive multiple loads and typically exhibit better EMI performance compared to commodity crystal oscillator solutions.

Read more about the MHz series here.

TCXO Series - The temperature-controlled oscillator (TCXO) series are particularly suited for space-constrained and power-constrained devices with Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth services that require a precision timing solution for functions such as telecommunications, navigation, and positioning.

5G Sub-6GHz Antennas

The 5G Sub-6GHz antenna portfolio covers a wide range of global cellular technology bands, with both embedded internal and external antennas, as well as combination antennas covering GNSS, Wi-Fi and other protocols. These high-performing chip, flexible printed and external blade and dome antennas can handle the higher data speed, capacity, and bandwidth of a 5G network, covering 5G NR (FR1), CBRS, and Private LTE, for IoT and smart devices.

Low Profile High Current Power Inductors

These next generation power inductors are optimized for a wide range of applications from high power automotive and industrial grade to medium power low profile solutions down to ultra-compact wearable devices, and IoT.

Ultra-Performance TCXO Series

The AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 temperature-controlled oscillator (TCXO) series provide the ideal tradeoff between precision timing performance and small size to meet emerging 5G design requirements. The VC/TCXO devices are ideal for 5G infrastructure applications.

The cloudification and densification of networks continues to propel demand for 5G telecommunication technology, increasing the performance and board space pressures placed on applications from smart devices and edge computing to electric vehicles and automotive ADAS.

SAW Filters

Abracon’s 1.1 x 0.9 mm SAW filters are well suited for applications such as telecommunications, medical, navigation and automotive due to their small size, light weight, and reliability. These SAW filters are designed with excellent electrical characteristics and exhibits low insertion loss, high selectivity as well as high out of band rejection. These are ideal for wide range of applications and cover all popular wireless standards including Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, High precision GNSS, and ISM.

AMXLA-Q Series

The AMXLA-Q6030 and AMXLA-Q1040 molded SMD inductors’ extended temperature range make them ideally suited for use in the automotive, industrial, and aerospace and defense sectors.

The devices are designed to maintain performance when operating in extreme temperature conditions, such as facing casting and molding functions in industrial manufacturing. The AMXLA-Q inductors are also fitting solutions for under-the-hood automotive applications managing distance, motor and transmission operations.

2021 Key Products Overview by Abracon

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