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Abracon Corporation has been positioned as a supplier of high quality magnetic products at competitive cost. A comprehensive line-up of Power Transformers, Power Inductors, Common Mode Chokes and Ferrite Beads are available from Abracon. They are designed to be incorporated in a variety of designs such as Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) DC/AC Inverter, DC/DC Converter and other power management applications. Components are available with through-hole and surface-mount packages.

Abracon also offers RJ45 Connectors and LAN Transformers that are designed for different PHY ICs. To address applications with compact PCB real estate, Abracon offers a USB/RJ45 combo and 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 1 x 4 Jacks as well.

For RF architectures requiring high precision, miniature and high Q, Abracon offers a wide selection of Air Coil, Thin Film and Ceramic Wirewound inductors, with Q value reaching higher than 100.

For circuit protection applications, Abracon offers a variety of highly reliable Tantalum Capacitors, Thermistors and Varistors for over-voltage protection and ESD countermeasure. Ruggedized circuit protection components are operable over -55°C to +125°C.

Majority of Abracon's Magnetic and Capacitor solutions are readily available through our Global Distribution Network for immediate delivery. For a comprehensive list of Abracon's Magnetic and Capacitor offering, please visit: Abracon's Product Line-up

To address different customer's requirement, specific design solutions are available. For technical assitance, please contact Abracon at tech-support@abracon.com with your specific requirements.

Key Features:
• Tight tolerance option available
• Low ESR
• Small size and low profile package
• RoHS Compliant and Pb free
• Wide operating temperature range

• Smart Phone, Tablet, Bluetooth, Wireless applications
• LED TV, Tuner, Cable Modem, Set Top Box
• USB2.0/3.0, IEEE1394, HDMI
• Power Supply, SMPS, DC/DC converter, DC/AC Inverter
• Digital Meter, Outdoor LED Display, Temperature Control
• Server, Hub, Switch, Notebook, Router

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