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Abracon's AHCR Lithium-Ion Supercapacitors (LiC) represent the forefront of industry technology, merging attributes of lithium-ion batteries and double layer supercapacitors (EDLC) to achieve remarkable energy and power densities. This integration bridges the divide between these technologies, unlocking an array of applications where sustained and effective power supply is essential. These qualities position this product as an optimal solution for technical scenarios such as uninterrupted power supply, backup power, micro energy storage, and data transmission for LoRA/BLE/Zigbee, among others. With versatile combinations of EDLC and LiC technologies, Abracon is equipped to accommodate applications requiring rapid charge/dissipation or enduring power output.


  • Through hole pins for stability
  • Reduces the size compared to traditional devices
  • Longevity compared to a battery
  • Large energy storage range


Radial/Can Package Type

Nominal Voltage: 4.0V

High Power and Energy Densities

Cycle Life > 50K Cycles

Capacitance Range: 10F-1200F



Power Tools

Wireless Networks, IoT, IIoT, Ag IoT

Power Backup

Micro Energy Storage

Energy Harvesting



Series Type Nominal Voltage Capacitance Range Continuous Current Range Energy Density @100F Inventory
AHCR-S04R0S Lithium Ion 4.0 V 10 F - 1200 F 0.04 mA - 5.0 A 33.85 Wh/kg In Stock Soon

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