Abracon is an industry leader in passive components, providing frequency control & timing device, RF & antenna, and inductor & connectivity solutions designed to meet the toughest design needs for applications in the communication, transportation, industrial, medical, and aerospace and defense markets.

Abracon’s latest TCXO, VC/TCXO, and OCXO products designed to meet precision requirements such as high holdover and stability over temperature, wide operating temperature ranges, superior long-term aging, low phase noise performance, and low current consumption.

Ultra-Performance 5G Timing TCXO Series

Abracon’s new AST3TDA and AST3TDA53 temperature-controlled oscillator (TCXO) series provide the ideal tradeoff between precision timing performance and small size to meet emerging 5G design requirements. The VC/TCXO devices are ideal for 5G infrastructure applications such as macro base stations (AAU, DU/CU), small cells (Micro, Pico, Femto), and Wifi-6/6E.

Continuous Voltage XOs and TCXO Family

This oscillator family provides unlimited application potential, particularly for battery-powered designs requiring operation throughout a battery’s life span. The new ATX-11, ATX-12 and ATX-13 TCXO series exhibit a clipped sinewave design to provide an optimal combination of high performance with minimal power consumption for low power wireless communication and GPS applications.

Stratum 3/3E OCXOs

Abracon’s AOC1409, AOC2012, and AOC2522 SMD oven-controlled oscillators (OCXO) series employ an SC-Cut high “Q” quartz crystal resonator design. The high-precision clocking solutions exhibit extremely low long-term aging characteristics over 20 years in both fixed and voltage-controlled LVCMOS clock output configurations./


High Holdover & Stability Over Temperature

Wide OTRs (-40ºC to +105ºC)

Superior Long-Term Aging

Low Phase Noise

Available Outputs: CMOS or Clipped Sine Wave

Low Current Consumption


Industrial IoT

Autonomous Technologies

Smart Agriculture

Smart Cities

Test & Measurement Equipment

Energy Smart Metering

COTS Military Radios & Communication Hardware

GPS Tracking with Hold-Over Accuracy

5G Base Stations & Cellular Infrastructure

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  • Continuous Vdd operation from 1.6 V ~ 3.6 V
  • Optimized for low current consumption
  • Output Enable/Start & Disable/Stop function
  • Output waveform CMOS/HCMOS/LVCMOS compatible
  • Hermetically seam-sealed ceramic package
  • Package sizes as small as 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.88mm
  • Low RMS jitter


  • Security
  • Consumer electronics
  • Portable devices
  • Wearables
  • IoT
  • Network camera

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