Abracon | Extended Temperature Molded Inductors

The new AMXLA-Q6030 and AMXLA-Q1040 series push the boundaries of Abracon’s automotive and industrial grade (AIG) power inductor capabilities.

The molded SMD inductors’ extended temperature range make them ideally suited for use in the automotive, industrial, and aerospace and defense sectors.

The devices are designed to maintain performance when operating in extreme temperature conditions, such as facing casting and molding functions in industrial manufacturing. The AMXLA-Q inductors are also fitting solutions for under-the-hood automotive applications managing distance, motor and transmission operations.

Please contact your sales representative for more information on your specific requirements. Custom application inquiries are invited.


Ultra-wide -55°C ~ +180°C Operating Temperature Range

AEC-Q200 Qualified

PPAP Ready and Supported

Shielded Construction

Soft Saturation

Low DCR, High Efficiency


Automotive Controllers

Industrial Robotics



Power & Fuel Supply

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Series Inductance (uH) Current Rating (A) DCR Package Size (mm)
AMXLA-Q6030 0.47 – 22 2.6 - 18 4 - 168 7.1 x 6.6 x 2.8
AMXLA-Q1040 1 - 68 2.8 - 24 3.07 - 240 11.0 x 10.0 x 3.8

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