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Abracon’s Supercapacitors utilize the industry’s latest double layer technology to achieve high energy and power densities. With various combinations of these two characteristics, these supercapacitors can be utilized in applications requiring quick charge/dissipation or long lasting power output. Abracon’s Supercapacitors can operate in temperature ranges down to -40°C in situations where traditional batteries cannot. In addition, this product has a longer usage lifecycle and eliminates safety concerns seen in lithium batteries. These aspects make this product ideal for technical use cases such as uninterrupted power supply and backup power, micro energy storage, data transmission for LoRA/BLE/Zigbee and various energy start up designs. These technical use cases make Abracon’s Supercapacitors the ideal solution for wireless networks, energy harvesting, cold-crack engines, micro grid and much more.


Radial/Can package type

Nominal Voltage: 2.7V and 3V

High Power and Energy Densities

Low Resistance and High Peak Current Series

Wide Operating Temperature Range Series: -40°C to +85°C

Capacitance Range: 0.5F-30F

RoHS Compliant


Intelligent instrumentation


Industrial Equipment

Power Tools

Wireless Networks IOT, IIOT, Ag IOT

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Power Assist Circuits

Power Backup

Micro Energy Storage

Energy Harvesting

DDR power backup


Series Name Type Nominal Voltage Capacitance Range Power Density @1F Energy Density @1F Inventory
ADCR-E02R7S Low ESR Radial 2.7 V 0.5 F - 10 F 5.93 kW/kg 1.58 Wh/kg Check Inventory
ADCR-T02R7S Wide Operating Temperature Radial 2.7 V 0.5 F - 25 F 2.93 kW/kg 1.14 Wh/kg Check Inventory
ADCR-S02R7S Standard Radial 2.7 V 0.5 F - 30 F 4.07 kW/kg 1.58 Wh/kg Check Inventory
ADCR-S03R0S Standard Radial 3.0 V 0.5 F - 30 F 3.53 kW/kg 1.37 Wh/kg Check Inventory

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