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Why Planar Inverted F Antennas

Why Planar Inverted-F Antennas?

PIFAs are an innovative antenna type that offers a balance of size, performance, and stability for various ...

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Why Clear Clock Oscillators

Why ClearClock® Oscillators?

Abracon's ClearClock® oscillators are a must-have for any technology-driven application that demands high ...

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Why Commercial Common Mode Chokes

Why Commercial Common Mode Chokes?

Abracons latest Common Mode Chokes (CMCs) are available for both Power and Signal Line applications. ...

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Why Abracon Antennas for Smart Homes

Why Abracon Antennas for Smart Homes?

As we continue to revolutionize the way we live and work, the demand for reliable, high-performance ...

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Top 3 Benefits of Stacked Inductors

Why Stacked Inductors?

Abracon's stacked inductors are ideal for applications that require high power efficiency in a ...

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Automotive Common Mode Chokes

Why Automotive Common Mode Chokes?

Filter Power & Signal Noise in Automotive and Industrial Applications

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5 G Sub 6 G Hz Antennas

Why 5G Sub-6 GHz Antennas?

Abracons 5G Sub-6 GHz antennas cover global cellular technology bands (600 MHz to 6 GHz), including 5G NR ...

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AOC Series Oscillators

Why AOC Series Oscillators?

Abracons AOC1409 & AOC2012 SMD oven-controlled SC-Cut crystal oscillator-based designs exhibit extremely ...

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Automotive Power Inductors

Why Automotive Power Inductors?

This selection of Abracon inductors can service most high-reliability DC/DC conversion topologies with ...

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Why High Power Toroid Inductors

Why High Power Toroid Inductors?

Abracons ATCA line of toroid inductors utilizing high efficiency, powdered iron core are designed for high ...

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Why ASPIAIG S Series Inductors

Why ASPIAIG-S Series Inductors?

The ASPIAIG-S6055 and ASPIAIG-S8050 are a series of shielded SMD power inductors designed for automotive, ...

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Why Automotive Quartz Crystals

Why Automotive Quartz Crystals?

Abracons ABS07AIG is the perfect solution for commercial or industrial applications in extreme ...

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