Abracon | Why Ultra-Wide Band Chip Antennas?

High efficiency with low power consumption

The low power consumption requirements of Abracon’s Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) antennas result in increased battery life. Our products are designed for the next generation connectivity with fast and reliable data transmission. Abracon's Single Antenna solution covers all relative frequency bands.


  • UWB (Ultra-Wide Band)
  • IoT
  • M2M
  • Secure Car Access
  • Item Tracking
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Hands-Free Payment
  • Smart Access
  • Object Detection


  • BW of 4000 MHz
  • BW of 2000 MHz
  • BW of 500 MHz
  • Linear Polarization
  • VSWR
  • Extended Operating Temperature of -40/+105 0 C

For more information, contact your local Abracon Representative or review our product information here: Abracon | UWB Chip Antennas

About Abracon, LLC | Innovation For Tomorrow's Designs

Headquartered outside of Austin, Texas, Abracon is a trusted supplier of leading-edge and innovative electronic components including Frequency Control, Timing, Power, Magnetics, RF and Antenna solutions. Servicing world-class companies across the data communication, transportation, industrial, medical, consumer, aerospace, and defense industries, Abracon accelerates customers’ time-to-market by providing unmatched product solutions, technical expertise, and service excellence.

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