Abracon | Why Niche Antennas?

ProAnt Patented PCB Integrated Antennas

The Niche series is a ProAnt patented PCB integrated antenna concept available through licensing. Its cost effectiveness makes it suitable for high-volume projects. Available in various frequencies.

  • Optimal for vibration & shock sensitive environments
  • Robust performance when employed in solutions requiring “potting/coating/over-mold”
  • Offers a significant advantage in solutions with component height constraints
  • Optimized for high efficiency
  • Broad availability; BT/WiFi, LP-WAN (Lora), and Cellular


  • The Niche antenna is a ProAnt patented technology
  • A highly efficient, space saving, very low cost antenna solution
  • Business model: License agreement
  • Placement along any of the PCB edges
  • Implementation optimization and tuning

For more information, contact your local Abracon Representative or review our product information here: Abracon | Niche Antennas

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