Abracon | Why Abracon's Molded Power Inductor Solutions

Why Abracon’s Molded Power Inductor Solutions

Discover the game-changing molded power inductor solutions by Abracon, designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-power DC-DC conversion applications. Unleash superior performance in EMI shielding, power densities, and core losses with Abracon's optimized molded inductors. Explore our comprehensive lineup, tailor-made to empower engineers in achieving exceptional results.

High Power Inductors

AMDLA Series Inductors

Experience the pinnacle of thermal efficiencies with AMDLA series inductors. Harnessing the power of a metal alloy powdered core, this series excels in low DCR (DC Resistance) optimization, ensuring maximum performance in challenging environments.

AMPLA Series Inductors

Regarding stability in power applications, the AMPLA series takes the lead. Crafted with a carbonyl powdered core, these inductors deliver superior inductance stability, enabling smooth power flow and exceptional performance under demanding conditions.

AMELA Series Inductors

The AMELA series is a go-to choice for compact electronic designs across industries. Engineered with precision and leveraging the construction techniques of molded inductors, this series ensures high-performance operation without compromising space efficiency.

Ultra High Power Inductors

AMXLA-Q Series Inductors

Need an inductor that thrives in extreme temperature conditions? Look no further than the AMXLA-Q series. With its metal alloy powdered core, this series unlocks an ultrawide operating temperature range, making it the ideal choice for applications requiring temperature resilience of up to 180°C.

ASPI-F Series Inductors

Engineered for efficiency and density, the ASPI-F series revolutionizes power inductors. Featuring flat wire construction, these inductors minimize thermal and magnetic losses, optimizing power densities and enhancing overall circuit efficiency.

ASPI-Q Series Inductors

The ASPI-Q series raises the bar for performance across wide temperature ranges. Combining flat wire construction and a special metal alloy powder core, this series ensures superior efficiency while withstanding temperatures of up to +155°C, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Unleash the full potential of your high-power DC-DC conversion applications with Abracon's molded power inductors. Benefit from superior thermal efficiencies, stability, compactness, temperature resilience, and efficiency optimization. Select series are AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive applications requiring rigorous reliability testing criteria. Explore Abracon's comprehensive product lineup today and empower your projects with cutting-edge performance.

For more information, contact your local Abracon Representative or review our product information here: Abracon | Molded Power Inductor Solutions

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