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As the need for increased data rates and compact form factors continues to drive innovation, power supplies face the challenge of meeting higher current requirements with greater efficiency and reliability. Historically, conventional topologies have wrestled with transient load responses; however, the TLVR topology emerges as a unique and effective solution to address these challenges.

What Makes TLVRs so Effective?

Abracon's new ATL series TLVR inductors, designed with a specialized high-frequency magnetic composition, are tailored to complement TLVR multistage power supply configurations. In particular, these inductors assist multiphase Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM) by achieving rapid transient load responses with virtually no voltage droop. Traditional VRM methods must wait for a full cycle or multiple cycles of inductor polling before the seeing and responding to the full load. In contrast, due to the magnetic coupling effect of the TLVR inductor, in a TLVR topology all inductors see the load requirement instantaneously. As a result, the TLVR inductor markedly improves the stability and reliability of power delivery across diverse electronic systems, including data centers, cloud computing, servers dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), crypto mining operations, and beyond.

Why Switch to TLVR Inductors?

Making the transition to a TLVR architecture with Abracon’s ATL family of inductor compared to traditional VRM topologies with molded inductors offers several key advantages. The TLVR architecture ensures a swift response to transient loads, guaranteeing high bandwidth, minimal latency, and superior throughput. Additionally, adopting this architecture reduces system impedance, streamlining power system design and leading to cost reductions. Another notable benefit is the increase in energy efficiency, as the TLVR architecture minimizes power dissipation as heat. This combination of features positions TLVR technology and Abracon's ATL inductors as a strategic choice for those seeking enhanced performance, simplified design, and cost-effective power solutions.

Trans-Inductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) Inductors
Series Inductance Range DCR Saturation Current Temp Rise Current Operating Temp L x W x H
ATL-1Z090610S 100 - 220 nh 0.125 mΩ 50 - 98 A 75 A -40°C ~ +125°C 9.3 x 6.1 x 10.2 mm
ATL-1Z110611S 70 - 200 nh 0.125 mΩ 58 - 160 A 77 A -40°C ~ +125°C 11.7 x 5.7 x 11.0 mm
ATL-1Z120612S 100 - 170 nh 0.125 mΩ 70 - 125 A 70 A -40°C ~ +125°C 12.0 x 6.2 x 12.0 mm
ATL-1Z100512S 70 - 170 nh 0.125 mΩ 52 - 127 A 75 A -40°C ~ +125°C 10.0 x 5.0 x 12.0 mm

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